Chaos to Calm - Reactive Dogs

Our Signature On Leash Reactivity Program

Are you embarrassed by the way your dog behaves on walks?  Do you find yourself walking your dog at midnight or hiding from neighbors?  Are you constantly diving behind bushes or ducking behind cars to avoid other dogs?


We hear you. 


We've been there before.  It's our passion to share our years of education and experience with our clients.   

How We Can Help

We help families with reactive dogs achieve a beautiful and peaceful partnership by: 

  1. Identifying and eliminating reactive scenarios.

  2. Customizing a training plan it fit your/your dog's needs.

  3. Incorporating behavior training into your daily routine for quick and effective results.

Our Goal:  You enjoy life together again and feel proud of your dog’s behavior.

What the owner can expect from this program

Learn proven techniques that can dramatically improve your dog’s behavior, bring joy back into your relationship, and eliminate embarrassing outbursts.  

  • Confidently walk your dog through your neighborhood. 

  • Hike with your dog with the skills and tools to handle any situation. 

  • Have a dog that is predictable and easy to handle. 

  • Eliminate frustration, concern, and anxiety created by your dog’s behavior. 

  • Be guided through the training experience with an educated and empathetic professional that holds your success and long-term results as a top priority.

  • Learn to be an expert at reading your own dog's behavior.

Dog reactivity

What's included?

Dog aggressive on leash

  • 60 Minute Consult 

  • Four 60 minute Private Lessons with Owner

  • Twelve 30 minute Day Training Lessons (without owner) 

  • Weekly Videos of Your Dog's Progress

  • 24/7 Access to Private, Online Client Folder with Training Plans, Resources, Videos

  • Treat bag / Clicker with Wrist Coil

  • Doggie Language: A Dog Lover's Guide to Understanding Your Best Friend 


  • Starting basic obedience & manners

  • Relaxation exercises

  • On Leash Management Skills

  • Access to Trainer Recommendations and Resources File

Dog aggression
What You Need to Know to Get Started
Image by Marvin Meyer
  • This is an owner/dog interactive program.  Owners will be working hands on with their dog.  In very little time, you'll be walking your dog like an expert.  Our clients are often mistaken for professional trainers! 

  • Before outdoor/on-leash training lessons commence, your dog will be required to be on a front clip harness and 6 foot leash.  No prong/pinch, choke, martingale, eCollars or retractible leashes. 

Program Cost

This program is only available for in-person clients located in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley.  Areas in our travel zone:  Encino, Tarzana, Reseda, Northridge, Woodland Hills, Chatsworth, Calabasas, West Hills, Hidden Hills, Canoga Park, Porter Ranch, Lake Balboa.  

We are currently also serving the Hancock Park, Hollywood, and West Hollywood areas.  

Other areas may apply with travel fees.  Please email us for more information.  

We understand that not everyone can afford our Deluxe Training Programs.  If you have a reactive dog and the cost of private training is not an option, please consider taking an online course with Dr. Amy Cook: Management for Reactive Dogs at the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy.