Happy Pet, Happy Vet

Dog Bites Veterinarian

Reduce your dog's stress, fear and anxiety of going to the veterinarian!

Is your dog:

Frightened of the veterinarian? Does he/she show aggression?

Do they shake, cry or panic...just in the waiting room?

Have you avoided taking your dog to the vet because of their behavior?

Are you afraid your dog may bite?


This course is designed just for you!

The goal of this course is to make your dog more comfortable with body handling, veterinary visits, and to teach them to participate in their own health care.  We train this with practice, patience, and love - everything we want for our best friend!

Do you want a dog that:

Wags their tail when they enter an exam room?

Calmly allows the vet to examine their body?

Happily relaxes in the waiting room?

Did you answer yes?  This course is a perfect fit for you and your dog! 

What you will learn 

Animal training basics

How dogs learn

Reading your dog's body language

Training strategies to keep your dog calm and focused

Learn to accept body handling for examination: ears, eyes, feet and more! 

Troubleshooting administering oral medication 

Relaxation and stress reduction

Working with dogs experiencing fear and anxiety


We break down training plans into small, manageable steps so you and your dog succeed.  By the end of the course you will have the tools and knowledge to create your own training plans, and be able to confidently carry them out.  


The cost of Happy Pet, Happy Vet is $150 


Classes are on Tuesday evenings 6:00-7:00pm for five consecutive sessions. Email us to be notified of new class dates. 


Classes are recorded for those unable to attend.