Learn Clicker Training

with Cyber Dog Online

Are you interested in learning the mechanics of clicker training?  Cyber Dog may be the course for you! 


This course is designed for:

  • Dog owners wanting to train their dogs.

  • Dog owners who are unable to attend a local group training class.

  • Dog owners with a busy schedule.

  • Dog owners who don't have a local clicker training class to attend.

  • Dogs who are unable to participate in a group class setting.


How do you learn dog training online?

  • Attend class from the comfort of your own home.

  • Interact with our Cyber Dog teachers online in real time.

  • Learn 10 behaviors that will make your life with your dog rewarding and fun.

  • Well-structured videos and simple training steps.

To learn more about CyberDog and CyberScent visit their website.  ​

clicker training

Cyber Dog is mentioned in the AKC's article:  Online Training — a New Resource for Dog Owners