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AKC Virtual Home Manners

AKC Virtual Home Manners


If you have trained your puppy or adult dog at home and would like to earn the AKC’s Virtual Home Manners titles to demonstrate your accomplishments, this is the place for you!


What is Virtual Home Manners?


Virtual Home Manners (VHM) is the answer when you want to train your dog at home. When you get a puppy or new adult dog, Virtual Home Manners can get you started on practical skills before you attend a training class.


The evaluation of a dog’s ability to perform ten home manners skills will be done by a video recording. Two levels of Home Manners will be offered – Virtual Home Manners Puppy (VHMP) and Virtual Home Manners Adult (VHMA). Dogs that pass the tests will be awarded these titles.

The Virtual Home Manners tests assess ten skills that well-mannered pet dogs need in the home setting.  The skills relate to the dog owner having control over the dog, being able to walk the dog (which is one of the most frequently cited activities that owners want to do with their dogs) and developing a bond with the dog during playtime. Check out our “How to Train” VHM training videos to get started.


There is not an in-person VHM testing process. Virtual Home Manners is natural lead-in for AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy and Canine Good Citizen (CGC) in-person training.


How Virtual Home Manners Works


To earn the Virtual Home Manners titles, follow these easy steps:


  • Video your dog performing the required skills (Found upon the VHM checklists).
  • Purchase an evaluation for $15 and send video to Broadway Dog Training (details on checkout form). 
  • If your dogs passes, we will send you the completed checklist.
  • You will then send to AKC: 1) The completed checklist 2) The Virtual Home Manners Title Application form 3) A fee of $30.00.


  • What Happens if Your Dog Doesn't Pass?

    We are here to help you succeed!  After evaluating the video, we will send you our observations and recommendations to help you perfect your tricks.   We will allow you to submit the first re-evaluation at no additional cost.  If you have concerns before submitting your video, please contact us at

  • How to Submit Your Videos and Forms

    Email us your videos, or provide us with a YouTube/Vimeo link.

    Email us your Virtual Manners checklist and be sure to include your dog's AKC/PAL/Canine Partner number. Checklist forms can be found the AKC Website 

    Thank you for testing with us!  We look forward to your video.

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