Online Coaching

We help you succeed!


Need Some Extra Help?

Sometimes, we get stuck!  It can help to have an extra pair of eyes to help you modify things so you and your dog can succeed.  

I can help you:

  • Come up with different strategies

  • Help you modify the environment to get better success

  • Help you clean up your mechanics 

  • Show you how to get a sharper behavior by adjusting:

    • Criteria​

    • Mechanics 

    • Feeding for position 

    • Fading lures

    • Timing

    • Rate of Reinforcement

A Little Bit About Me

My name is Jennifer, and I have been a professional dog trainer since 2013, and working in the animal industry since the 90s.

I now devote my time to working exclusively with dogs with separation related problems through my company Separation Anxiety Specialists.  

I share my home with a menagerie of animals: dogs, parrots, toucans, frogs, isopods, praying mantis, geckos, and a fish named Floyd.  

Click here for my professional resume.