Online Dog Training

Hybrid Online/In-Person Services

The primary focus of Broadway Dog Training is working with clients via online services.  We've found that when the owner is more "hands on" with their dog, a deeper bond develops.  Dogs are really flourishing with the new level of trust and mutual respect with their owners.  We are thrilled with the results!  

However, there are some situations that may require in-person training.  If you sign up with us and are not in our area, we will refer you to another highly skilled trainer.  If you are lucky to live in Los Angeles, Broadway Dog Training may be able to see you in-person. 

Los Angeles Dog Training Online


After working on the foundations of your dog's training plan online, you may wish to have Broadway Dog Training come to your home for an in-person session.  

We are pleased to offer our Hybrid Training Program that includes in-person home/public training.  These programs are offered on a limited basis as our schedule permits.  There is currently a waiting list for these programs.   Please use the button below to be notified when a spot opens.  

Travel fees may apply.


The first few sessions take place entirely online.  These sessions may consist of talking through management of problem behaviors, setting up the environment for success, and learning foundation behaviors appropriate to your dog's particular training needs.  

We use live demos, demos with props, videos, and homework handouts to help you train your dog.  The most valuable part of working with a certified trainer is immediate, personal feedback.  


Clients are assigned a personal Trello folder where they can access this information 24/7.  

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